Digital Nature with Redshift

I have done the first test for Digital Nature using Redshift and Cinema 4D R21.

All most assets are come out from The Megascan Bridge, these assets already have Redshift material, it is very kindly and easy to use.

By the way, The Megascan Bridge plugin is working on R21 without issue.

Inside the rock arch’s material use SSS shader, it absorbs a little light and brightens overall. And I changed color default Megascans textures like a bit red.

Render settings

With GI primary is Brute force, secondary is irradiance point cloud.

Also, it shooted photon from directional light and enables caustics photon in the render settings because under the rock-arch has a little beach. This is because I want to draw caustics from waves on the rock surface.

Beach wave created by X-Particles but, delicate flip wave simulation with X-Particle is very difficult I think. And so slow…

Finally, I will render an animation.

20190916 20190916-3 20190916-4 20190916-5 20190916-6 20190916-7