End of holiday week

The last day of my holiday week.


I went to Kichijoji and walk around near the station, many people come here and they look like enjoying a holiday. I went to go to Sippo. There is a nice restaurant and have you can enjoy some meals using natural ingredients and those are tastes very good.


Look at that printed picture to a case of chopsticks, so pretty.

And in this shop can buy some antique items, look that a photo, first of all, I could not look like the restaurant at the entrance of this shop. It is funny.



Around Kichijoji can find too many antique shops,  I think it is one of culture in this area.

Coffee Beer by Baird Beer

On the way to home, I found coffee beer at a glossary shop and bought it.

This beer name is Morning Coffee Stout and made by Baird Beer made in Japan. The tastes of coffee and bitterness of the hop were integrated and it was good tastes, I like it. And label design is also cool, it looks like woodblock print isn’s it?