CINEMA4D C++ first step

I started to make simple operation program in CINEMA4D R16. CINEMA4D SDK description is polite, and it easy to build in Visual Studio 2013 Community. However, it need to be carefull to property change for project. Platform toolset is run in Visual Studio 2012(v110).

First, I tryed typical program. mmm… very easy…

Next, I think that access to something parameters of object.



Holiday week 2

I enjoyed having lunch with my friend at our favorite Chinese restaurant today. It tasted really great, and I had a good time.

Then, I made iced coffee as usual. Recently, I like dark roast coffee that it tastes like dark chocolate, cacao, and a little smoky.


This spring, I’ve started learning C++ programing, and I want to make something self-program by this summer.

And, I think a lot of output in English.