Digital Nature with Redshift

I have done the first test for Digital Nature using Redshift and Cinema 4D R21.

All most assets are come out from The Megascan Bridge, these assets already have Redshift material, it is very kindly and easy to use.

By the way, The Megascan Bridge plugin is working on R21 without issue.

Inside the rock arch’s material use SSS shader, it absorbs a little light and brightens overall. And I changed color default Megascans textures like a bit red.

Render settings

With GI primary is Brute force, secondary is irradiance point cloud.

Also, it shooted photon from directional light and enables caustics photon in the render settings because under the rock-arch has a little beach. This is because I want to draw caustics from waves on the rock surface.

Beach wave created by X-Particles but, delicate flip wave simulation with X-Particle is very difficult I think. And so slow…

Finally, I will render an animation.

20190916 20190916-3 20190916-4 20190916-5 20190916-6 20190916-7

Fruit splash in the water

I have done a test splash water bubbles using X-Particles and rendered by Redqueen.

Although still in the testing phase I have integrated some Redqueen features into Cinema 4D.

Fruit splas in the water from T_makoto on Vimeo.


Water bubbles are created openVDB object by X-Particles. You can find bubble tutorial, Bob always introduces a nice tutorial. Not difficult.


Blender 2.8

Also, a top of the camera has animation water surface was created by Blender 2.8 fluid system. This water surface was used to generate animated caustics throughout the scene. Export alembic from blender and import to Cinema 4D.



As the bubble gets finer, more ray depth is needed otherwise, ray stoped and surface color get dark. If it needs to get more clean water required a lot of ray depth.

Of course, If need nice caustics details shooting a lot of photons each light and set to a properly radius is also required.



End of holiday week

The last day of my holiday week.


I went to Kichijoji and walk around near the station, many people come here and they look like enjoying a holiday. I went to go to Sippo. There is a nice restaurant and have you can enjoy some meals using natural ingredients and those are tastes very good.


Look at that printed picture to a case of chopsticks, so pretty.

And in this shop can buy some antique items, look that a photo, first of all, I could not look like the restaurant at the entrance of this shop. It is funny.


Around Kichijoji can find too many antique shops,  I think it is one of culture in this area.

Coffee Beer by Baird Beer

On the way to home, I found coffee beer at a glossary shop and bought it.

This beer name is Morning Coffee Stout and made by Baird Beer made in Japan. The tastes of coffee and bitterness of the hop were integrated and it was good tastes, I like it. And label design is also cool, it looks like woodblock print isn’s it?




Some favorite shop -Sangenchaya-

It will end a holiday week soon in Japan, I have been spending half studying programming or English and a half relaxing.

This article introduces some good shop around Sangenchaya area.

First of all, I went to Nakameguro station by train Tokyu-Meguro-line and walk along the Meguro-river to North. You can see amazing cherry blossoms along the river if you come in from the middle to end of April.


There are varied shops along with the riverside cafe, restaurant, Knick-knack, and clothing, so there are very fun.

By the way! Bit walk to the north, there is the Starbucks roastery opened and it is first and only in Japan. I was very surprised that there was a doorman it means many customers come here, I think it is a consideration to prevent confusion in the store. I  was… not go there today, I will go next time.

L’Atelier MOTOZO

I purpose to go the patisserie Motozo’s sweets there is near the Ikesiri-Ohashi station I want to eat Monte-Bianco and Tiramisu, yes Italian traditional sweets! Love it…



There is also some coffee shop near the area If you walk toward Sangenchaya, you will find Nozy Coffee, Obscura Coffee and more.

Nozy Coffee

You can enjoy high quality varied coffee with french press and espresso, I was fun Honduras COE coffee. There is a bakery shop just opposite, a bit expensive but good taste.


Obscura Coffee Laboratory

There is also near the Sangenchaya too, and you can enjoy high quality varied coffee with pour over, espresso and more.


There are so many varied shops in this area unfortunately, I have no time at all to see everything… So, I will go to this area again.