X-Particles to Redqueen

Recently I purchased X-Particles (a famous particle plugin for Cinema4D ), so I test for a while. Of course, also bought Cycles 4D but it doesn’t formally support R20 at the moment ( may be scheduled for December 2018), so I will leave Cycles4D for the moment.

X-Particles have many functions particles, smoke, flame, cloth, fluid, and many modifiers. So, very powerful and flexible controllable to particles motion.

At the first, I try some basic tutorial.

And then, I wrote code convert X-Particles data to Redqueen particle. First, from X-Particles color data to Redqueen’s particle color, it was very easy and just done.

Next, the particle of Redqueen is the geometry of the sphere. Therefore, Redqueen’s material can be used as it. So, I called X-Particles shader in the material texture each component.

One problem was openVBD has not UV data, so it had to be generated internally code.

X-Particles to Redqueen from T_makoto on Vimeo.